“Benchmarks” exhibition: An insight into the creative work of El Anatsui

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El Anatsui from the Eclipse Suite, Image Courtesy of the October GalleryThe Artist El Anatsui is famous for his large-scale sculptures, made of hundreds of flattened bottle tops intricately linked to one another that once installed, take the appearance of a textile draping a wall. In a departure from sculpture, he returns to the October Gallery with a new body of work: Prints created in collaboration with Factum Arte.

For years, the wooden tabletops in El Anatsui’s studio in Nigeria, have been the silent witnesses to the labour that went into creating his sculptures. They have preserved the traces and dents left behind by the repetitive cutting, flattening and piercing of the aluminum bottle-tops. And now, these wooden tops have been turned into story-tellers in the hands of Factum Arte in Madrid, where they were scanned and their textured surfaces turned into Prints.

El Anatsui from the Eclipse Suite Courtesy of the October Gallery

In this first series of prints entitled Eclipse Suite, in reference to the lunar eclipse, the Artist combined different circular prints, offering simultaneously different perspectives of the patterns. It is a first insight into El Anatsui’s creative work, unveiling part of the life in his studio. Benchmarks, the aptly named exhibition, is an artistic behind the scenes that speaks for El Anatsui’s continuing quest to explore new possibilities.

The exhibition Benchmarks: New Prints by El Anatsui continues at the October Gallery until May 13th.

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