Evans Mbugua “joins the dots” to create dazzling portraits.

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Left: Le Rendez Vous Right: Highlife, Evans Mbugua
Left: Le Rendez Vous Right: Highlife, Evans Mbugua

This is the last week to see Evans Mbugua’s exhibition “Highlife” in Paris. His vibrant Pop art portraits capture the exuberance and the bold style of a multicultural youth whose identity he is exploring.

Each character is made up of a series of small dots and seems to gradually emerge from a flamboyant backdrop filled with pictograms. They exude so much “joie de vivre” that they appear ready to jump out of one of the paintings and break into a dance to some highlife music.

Evans Mbugua is a visual artist. Born in Nairobi and now based in Paris, his portraits have been turning heads as off late. He is expected soon in London at the Gallery of African Art and I can’t wait to see his latest artworks.

Evans Mbugua’s solo exhibition is at Gallery Art-Z until Nov 12th.

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