Fall 2015: your ultimate guide to African Art exhibitions
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African Art exhibitions currently on

New York, London, Paris, Addis Ababa. Who is the intruder? None. Major exhibitions and events showcasing African Art and Contemporary African Design are scheduled in these cities and elsewhere around the world.

Exhibitions such as “Kongo”, are unearthing unseen art works forgotten in museums or hidden in private collections. In doing so, they are providing the public with new understanding of a rich and troubled past. Meanwhile, the continent is resolutely turned toward the future, a recurring theme of several exhibitions. The artistic future is in the hands of some younger artists whose works are acclaimed at the “Beaute Congo” exhibition in Paris. This buoyant creative life is one of the key drivers of growth, as we will soon find out at the first Addis Ababa Design Week planned in December.


Welcome to Obatala
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Obatala was born out of a simple dream.

  • A dream, to show you a different side of Africa.
  • A dream to take you travelling with us, off the beaten track and discover some hidden gems along the way.
  • Finally, a dream to create a different narrative about Africa: focused on innovation, creativity and design, showcased in accessories and art.

Obatala is the god of Creativity in the Yoruba (Nigerian) mythology and it is a fitting name for our endeavor.