The Tunisian Embassy transformed into an Art Gallery

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Painting La Mer by Nidhal Chameh

What images spring to mind if you hear of Tunisia? The usual stereotypical ones would be of a sunny holiday destination or, more recently, the epicenter of the Arab Spring.

Now, a dynamic group of artists, whose work is being exhibited worldwide, are slowly painting an alternative image of their country: a thriving hub of Creativity and Arts. It is that image, that the Tunisian Embassy wanted to showcase to London when it was transformed into a temporary Art Gallery and opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, for the exhibition: Tunisia, The New Picture.

Organized in Partnership with the Selma Feriani Gallery, the exhibition featured the work of about a dozen artists including sculptures, photographs and some gripping, politically charged paintings. There was an art auction, the proceeds of which went to PAcT UK, a charity that promotes education in the remote parts of Tunisia.

The evening was a quick glimpse into the new Art scene in Tunisia, an outline of a painting that is just being sketched out. We are looking forward to what will come next.

Portrait à la Chevrotine by Nabil Saouabi
Portrait à la Chevrotine by Nabil Saouabi, 2014

The exhibition is opened to the public during some specific time slots and with prior arrangements, until Sunday 18th.  Visit the embassy website for more information.

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    1. I have added the link into the Blog. It was a great way to learn more Tunisia & the work & Impact of Pact UK.

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