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Obatala was born out of a simple dream.

  • A dream, to show you a different side of Africa.
  • A dream to take you travelling with us, off the beaten track and discover some hidden gems along the way.
  • Finally, a dream to create a different narrative about Africa: focused on innovation, creativity and design, showcased in accessories and art.

Obatala is the god of Creativity in the Yoruba (Nigerian) mythology and it is a fitting name for our endeavor.

So what you will see through the blog and the shop is our exploration of that creativity.

There is often a tension between opposites: new and old, tradition and modernity … We want to try and pull these opposites together. Drawing from traditional skill sets and material added to a modern sense of aesthetics to bring you unique, one of a kind products. This is best illustrated through the “Painting” clutch bags.

We are committed to telling you the true story of how these products came about and how they have been created.

So if you are looking for a funky, unique accessory that has a story to tell, look no further and join us on our quest to celebrate Africa . Creativity . Design.

Team obatala.

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